My current workout includes a 6 day work out week.  I do cardio every one of those days for about 30 min to maintain.  I am constantly changing things up just to keep my body guessing!  For cardio I like to do mainly HIIT type of workouts because you just get more “bang for your buck.”  High Intensity Interval Training burns fat much faster and in less time.  It can be done with almost any workout too!

I strength train 5 days a week, alternating body parts everyday.  Some really great resources for developing new routines are and

I used both of these websites a lot when I was first developing my routines!


Exercises Everyone should be doing that work all over!!

1. Pull Ups–  I have a home pull up bar and do these on a very regular basis.

2. Push ups–  All kinds, every which way!  These not only work chest, but your arms, back , and core also get a great burn.

3. Deadlifts–  This is my favorite exercise of all time.  Works glutes and core mainly.

4. Squats–  It’s a love hate relationship for me on these…  Gotta go deep too!!

5. Lunges–  Another good core and glute workout.  grab a couple of weights and incorporate some bicep curls or shoulder presses as well!


8 thoughts on “Workouts

  1. Thanks for the motivation and this blog…

    Love that logo, if you ever get shirts made. All by 3. 2 for me and 1 for my lil boy…

  2. I really like ur website, and like your IG motivation pictures, mine is: fairydiamond. I have one question, do u mind share your workouts routine? Cuz I’m really out of ideas.

    • I plan on posting workout routines soon!! So keep checking back. I may have some time this week to get a routine posted. I’ve also started making videos but they need a lot of work, so i wont be posting any of them anytime soon, but I have plans on sharing what I do for sure!! Thanks for reading!!

  3. Hey I follow you on instagram and you look amazing! just saw your before and after photo and I just have a question for you. For your workouts, do you mostly do heavy weight training? The reason that I ask is because I’ve done quite a bit of research and have noticed incredible results from weight training with minimal cardio. I LOVE training heavy but recently got a plan to do light weights with circuit training. And I was wondering what your input is on that!

    Thanks a lot!

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