Tips to Staying Fit!



So you’ve decided to take the plunge and lose weight and get fit!!  The hardest part of it all is maintaining it once you get to where you want to be!  Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle and not another fad diet.  There is no miracle diet plan…. It’s simply a choice to live a different way… a healthier, happier way!  I am not saying that it will be easy and that you will not struggle because you will!   Everyone does.  It takes time, patience, and will power to make this lifestyle a permanent habit!  Here are some tips on the basics that you want to practice to help you maintain and sort mold and shape your new lifestyle.

Plan, Plan, plan!  Planning is key to staying fit.  Plan your meals and workouts every week.  Bring food with you, so you don’t end up eating something you didn’t plan on.  Keep snacks in your gym bag or purse, in case of emergencies =)  Plan your workouts on a calendar so you know exactly what and when you are doing it.

Also be sure to split your meals up into 6-8 small meals a day.  Eat every 3 hours or so to keep your metabolism going!

Get rid of dairy!—  Almond milk is amazing! It’s the best alternative to dairy and super low calorie.  Sure there are all of these rants about chemicals and such in dairy products that are causing cancer, but the fact is, is that Dairy is highly processed and in the long run cannot be good for anybody.  Which leads to the fact that Dairy often causes bloating as well.  Once you get it out of your diet, you will realize how much you don’t need it.

Stick to nonfat Greek yogurt, but be careful to watch for high sugar counts. Get the plain stuff then add your own flavorings at home.  Greek yogurt contains much more protein than the regular stuff and much less carbs.

Eliminiate sodas completely from your diet.

Stick to Stevia for sweetener.  A lot of artificial sweeteners can cause bloating and are just infested with chemicals.

WATER!!!  I cannot stress the importance of drinking a minimum of one gallon a water per day!  Water clears the toxins out of your body and reduces bloating.  It makes your skin clear and glowing, eliminates headaches, and keeps you energized.  Drink your water!

4 thoughts on “Tips to Staying Fit!

  1. Love these! I’m a fellow fitness fanatic and follow you on Instagram, so inspirational! I saw on one of your pictures you had written you had implants- I’m getting them next month and was just wondering how you dealt and what you did in place of crazy, heavy lifting to stay in shape. I lift 4 times a week (and do cardio almost every day) so the thought of not being able to do any of this is a nightmare. Thanks!!

    • It’s pretty tough! For 6 wks u really can’t do much… And after that you have to build everything back up from scratch! I did low impact cardio like the stationary bike for the first 6wks then after that I just worked my way back up… Took a few months but you have to keep at it. Most important thing is to be careful not to do too much too soon so that you heal properly!

  2. I’ve made a plan and from next month I will start following some martial arts classes at, because I’ve heard that they are really useful and it’s exactly what I need! I can’t wait for them, plus to learn some self defense techniques!

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