AB Workout of the day! Pulsing V-ups!!


Today’s AB workout! Pulsing V-ups! I LOVE these!! They make for a serious burnūüĒ•ūüĒ• you can do these with or without a weighted bar and still get an awesome BURN! Keep ur tummy tucked in tight and do the pulsing motions w UR ABS! NOT ur shoulders or legs!
When I do my ab workouts I like to pick 3-4 exercises and usually do 4 sets of 20-30 of each… For V-ups try to do 30reps for each set! OR keep doing them until u feel it burning then do 10more!!!
I end every workout session w some sort of ab exercise… Even if it’s just 3 sets of ONE exercise! That’s it! Abs don’t take much work in the gym…. It’s 95% DIET!!! Check out my blog ‚ú®puertoricanfitchick.com‚ú® For tips on how to get and maintain that raging #sixpack!!

$45 Training Plan and Cellucor Starter Kit!


Alrighty!!!!  New SPECIAL for you guys!!!!  Summer is around the corner…. Those bikinis are calling our names!!!  We MUST be READY!!!

So if you purchase this plan, you will get a detailed workout routine meant to last 4wks.  It will also include a cardio routine and macros breakdown as well as a sample meal plan to help put it all together!

I am also adding in a Cellucor sample kit which will include pre workout samples and Super HD fat burner samples!!  Enough to get you thru the first week and maybe a little more =)


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All workouts and meal plans are catered to YOU and YOUR goals!  When you sign up I will send you an email requesting some quick info from you and then I will immediately get to working on your plan!  You usually get them back within less than 24 hrs!

You get sooooo much with this offer!!! ¬†It’s prob the best package Ive done yet! ¬†ONE Training session with a PT usually runs $75-$100 and you only get ONE workout! ¬†So this is def a deal! ¬†PLus its almost SUMMER!!!! ¬†Are YOU BIKINI READY????? ¬†If not, lets do it!!!!

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Hey Guys! ¬†Thought I would post a fun little workout for y’all to try! ¬†Let me know how you like it! ¬†It’s meant to be a fast-paced workout so don’t go too heavy with weights but use enough so that it really BURNS!!! ¬†Your heart rate should be up and you should be sweating by the end of it! ¬†Have at it!!! ¬† EAT. TRAIN. LIFT. ITS A LIFESTYLE!

Full Body Sweat Sesh!

Smith Machine squats 12-15 reps


Jump Lunges 20 sec.

Repeat 4x


Assisted Pull up Machine 12-15 reps


Push ups x 15

Repeat 4x


Deadlifts 12-15 reps


20 each leg Walking lunges

Repeat 4x


20 Wall Balls


1min plank

Repeat 4x





4Wk Workout Routines Now Available!


So I’ve been working on this project for a bit and I have finally finished the first portion! ¬†It’s ready to be sent out as soon as you are ready to commit to it! =) ¬†Here’s a snapshot of what it includes!

The worst is getting to the gym and doing that same ol routine over and over again! ¬†Not only are you BORED w your workout but your muscles need that constant change to keep growing and see results. ¬†My 4 wk ¬†workout routine comes with a 5 day workout Split, covering all body parts. ¬† So in essence you are getting 20 different workout routines! ¬†I am also including a 4wk Cardio routine that has a different routine every week. ¬†And I will throw in there a recommend macros breakdown for your body type as well as a sample meal plan and How to’s for clean eating.

With this routine and a clean diet, you will see an increase in muscle definition and a loss in fat!  The cardio sets your metabolism on fire to keep you burning calories throughout the day.  And the constant change in pace gets that fat BURNING!!!

If you’re stuck in a rut, this is the perfect routine to get your results fast!!! ¬†This is part one of four that I will be putting out! ¬†So stay posted because I will be offering more variations!

I am selling the 4wk plan for $75.  Just think, you go to the gym to work with a trainer and get ONE workout session for $100!!!!  Here you are getting 20 workouts all on paper to keep for future use!!  If you are interested, please send a paypal payment to puertoricanfitchick@gmail.com and I will send it over within 24hrs!  I am working on getting a permanent payment link set up on my page.  That should be up in the next couple of days, but for now you can send the payment via paypal w my email…  Also if you have any questions feel free to email to the email above!