Healthy Low Carb Enchiladas!!

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In an effort to always keep the husband’s meals exciting and different, I’m always trying out random things in the kitchen for his dinner.  I have to say these turned out pretty delish!!   Seriously taste like it came straight from a mexican restaurant!  You can change things up to fit your macros exactly and even use chicken or turkey instead of beef, but the recipe here is made to feed a HUNGRY MAN! LOL  So girl’s I would split it in half if you’re making it for yourself! =)


6oz cooked Extra Lean Ground Beef

3 Low Carb Tortillas

1/2c Black Beans

Walden Farms Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Frank’s Red Hot

1/4c Salasa of choice (i always prefer On the border Brand)

1/4c Shredded Fat Free Cheddar Cheese

Avocado or Guacamole to your liking! I used about 2oz

Pico de Gallo and green onions to top it off (optional)

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Ok so first, you will want to have your ground beef cooked and ready.  We always prep a big portion at the beginning of the week and use it throughout…  Then Grab your tortillas and toast them up on the stove.  Just grab a pan set it on high and cook each side 30-60sec until its semi crispy.  You don’t want them too Hard bc then they’ll just crumble up.  Just enough to where they don’t get soggy.

Next You will want to combine your beef, beans and about 2TB of the WF Chipotle Ranch sauce and another TB or so of the Red Hot.  Mix that up in a bowl!

Then Fill your tortillas individually, enough to where you can still close them.  I laid them in a glass baking pan that I first sprayed with Pam.  If the tortillas don’t stay shut, use a couple of toothpicks.  After you fill all three you will prob have leftover Beef and Bean mix.  Line the tortillas in the pan up and throw that mixture on top.

Then Layer on the salsa and pico and top w the cheese.  At this point you can stick foil on the baking pan and stick it in the fridge to cook later.  Thats what I usually do.  I prep it all and then cook it later in the day…  Anyway Preheat oven to 365 degrees and place your pan topped w foil in there for about 30-35min.

Once its ready, you will know bc the cheese will be all melty and the middle won’t be cold anymore… Remove the foil and use a spatula to plate it.  At this point you can top it off w Green onions and Avo or Guac.  and ENJOY!!!!  Freakin Delicious!!!!