$45 Training Plan and Cellucor Starter Kit!


Alrighty!!!!  New SPECIAL for you guys!!!!  Summer is around the corner…. Those bikinis are calling our names!!!  We MUST be READY!!!

So if you purchase this plan, you will get a detailed workout routine meant to last 4wks.  It will also include a cardio routine and macros breakdown as well as a sample meal plan to help put it all together!

I am also adding in a Cellucor sample kit which will include pre workout samples and Super HD fat burner samples!!  Enough to get you thru the first week and maybe a little more =)


www.Cellcuor.com 20% OFF W CODE KPOW


All workouts and meal plans are catered to YOU and YOUR goals!  When you sign up I will send you an email requesting some quick info from you and then I will immediately get to working on your plan!  You usually get them back within less than 24 hrs!

You get sooooo much with this offer!!!  It’s prob the best package Ive done yet!  ONE Training session with a PT usually runs $75-$100 and you only get ONE workout!  So this is def a deal!  PLus its almost SUMMER!!!!  Are YOU BIKINI READY?????  If not, lets do it!!!!

Click on the link below to sign up!

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March Update

Hey Guys!

Hope all is well with everyone!  Ive been so busy prepping for shows, traveling, and on top of it all working full time!!!  Its been crazy!  I am enjoying so much getting meal and workout routines out to all of y’all tho!!!  If you haven’t signed up for one, make sure you do!  I’m about to run a new special that I’ll be posting hopefully today!  I’ll let y’all know…

Also, Haven’t posted about it in a bit, but Our Sweat Studio is now up and running!!!  I will have to post pics for you guys, but it is awesome!!!!  If you’re looking for private training sessions and you are here in the Austin/Buda/Kyle/San Marcos area let me know!  Super affordable and I offer some really great package deals!

Next week I’m off to Daytona to compete in the Battle on the Beach!  I’m so excited!!  This is my first time at this show and it looks soooo fun!  The husband is going w me this time so that will be a change!  He’s gonna be bored…. lmao!!!



Last week I placed 9th at the St. Louis Pro, and I’m fairly happy with that.  Improvement! Thats all I can say!  I do have high goals so we will see what happens these next few shows… After the Battle I’m doing a local show here, the Texas Shredder Classic!  I LOVE this show!  and Dave, the promoter, is seriously the coolest!  Him and Dianna put on the BEST shows!  Cant wait for that!  So if you’re in Austin make sure to go cheer everyone on!!!  Its gonna be at Moody Theater, a really gorgeous facility!

Anyway Thats it for now! But Let me leave you with a quick Hump day Workout!

4×12 cable kickbacks

4×15 Single leg deadlifts

20 each leg walking lunges with Barbell x 3

4x 10 Reverse Hack Squat (these are FUN)