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Haha… So Finally getting in touch w a more personal side of social networking!!!  Follow me on You Tube!!!

So excited about getting serious with youtube!  I love the idea and i Love being able to share more experiences with you guys!  I will be posting weekly videos of all sorts of things!  Workouts, educational and fun stuff!  Food and meal prep tips!  Funny randomness about my life and even some beauty tips and tricks! I will also be starting a series TODAY on my DAT PREP LIFE!  Just starting to get back into season and well its a long harsh road ahead…  You guys will hopefully be able to witness the good, the bad, and the tears!!! haha

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So those of you that follow me on IG and FB know how much i just LOVE my salads!!!  And SUMMER time is the best time for them!  They are so relish, refreshing, and you can make all sorts of themes!!!  I thought I would post s few tips to help you guys come up with your own #sexysalds!


  • First, choose your greens!  I like to mix mine up…  So i’ll do arugula, baby kale, and romaine usually!  Other options Spinach, Spring mix, Butter lettuce, etc…  Mixing different kinds together adds MORE flavor!
  • Next, pick ur theme… Asian, Mexican, Plain jane, or just a big random salad!  I almost always go w Mexican!
  • Dressing….  NEVER use bottled dressing! Just wasting calories on unwanted fats and processed ingredients.   I like to use ACV or Balsamic vinegar.  You can also top ur salads w Salsa, Lemon/lime squeezes, cholula hot sauce, pico de gallo, mustard! Walden Farms also has a variety of dressings to choose from but be careful to only use them in moderation…  They do contain a lot of artificial ingredients… but everything in moderation, I always say!
  • ADD your veggies!!  Things like, zucchini, pepperocinis, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions are all low cal options that you can throw on and it will FILL YOUR BELLY UP!
  • For carbs, I like to go w beans and/or corn.  My fave beans would be Chick peas, black beans, and edamame… (not sure if thats a bean LOL)  You could also throw in some carrot shavings!
  • Now DONT FORGET UR PROTEIN!!!  This happens to me ALL the time!!!  I make a delicious salad and get all caught up and forget the protein!!!  Let me just say that everything tastes great w a salad!!!  Try some thinly sliced flank steak, shrimp, chicken breast, extra lean turkey, or extra lean ground beef!  You could even do tuna!
  • Every meal is NOT complete without your HEALTHY FATS!  Avocado slices totally make a salad!!!  Also for your dressing, add about a 1/2 tb of olive or avocado oil…  I like to use the Flavor infused oils!

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  • Finally, totally optional, but you could add some Shredded fat free cheese!!  about a 1/4c is a good option!

Anyway theres TONS of options and variations!!  Things i didn’t even list!  But hopefully this will help give you some ideas and new options to try!

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bathing suit season

LMAO!!! Thought this was HILARIOUS!!!

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Hanging Leg Raises


Today’s AB workout! Hanging leg raises! These take practice! You may only be able to do one to three in the beginning but just try them at te end of every workout and 1-2wks you’ll be doing 3 sets of 10 without even blinking! To start, for assistance u can have someone stand behind you to keep u from swaying all over the place until u develop more control 👍👍 These are super awesome for developing ur core strength and lower ab #muscles! And they also work ur shoulders a bit too!

AB Workout of the day! Pulsing V-ups!!


Today’s AB workout! Pulsing V-ups! I LOVE these!! They make for a serious burn🔥🔥 you can do these with or without a weighted bar and still get an awesome BURN! Keep ur tummy tucked in tight and do the pulsing motions w UR ABS! NOT ur shoulders or legs!
When I do my ab workouts I like to pick 3-4 exercises and usually do 4 sets of 20-30 of each… For V-ups try to do 30reps for each set! OR keep doing them until u feel it burning then do 10more!!!
I end every workout session w some sort of ab exercise… Even if it’s just 3 sets of ONE exercise! That’s it! Abs don’t take much work in the gym…. It’s 95% DIET!!! Check out my blog ✨✨ For tips on how to get and maintain that raging #sixpack!!