Beginner’s Grocery List

Generic Grocery List:
Veggies: Easier to buy frozen because they last longer, but fresh is fine as well.broccoli
Spinach– always better fresh
For salads:
arugula– fresh
baby kale/ spinachCarbs:

Brown Rice– uncle bens instant is the easiest!
Rice cakes— the 35 calorie kind that are usually just lightly salted
yams or sweet potatoes
Quick oats— not from the individual package
Ezekial bread in the frozen section (if you must have bread)
Polaner sugar free jelly



Chick peas

Black beans


Mrs. dash salt free — tons of different flavors
Red hot
Siracha sauce
Braggs Amino Acids– zero calorie soy sauce
Stevia for sweetener


olive oil
Peanut butter— never buy fat free watch for sodium and sugar- less than 3 grams is good



Chicken breast
Extra lean ground turkey breast
lean ground beef but only once or twice per week
egg whites– liquid or you can crack them yourself


Almond milk unsweetened 30 calorie
greek yogurt 0% fat free no flavors because it has too much sugar
unsweetened green tea
Fat Free cottage cheese
vitamin water Zero
Mio- helps get that gallon down but dont over do it.
Good tupperware

5 thoughts on “Beginner’s Grocery List

  1. Any more protein options for non-meat eaters? I have added tuna and tilapia recently to up the protein. I also bought a protein shake from costco but dont know if it too high in sugars , etc (any guideliness to choose the best inexpensive protein shake ?) I’ve read about nuts but they are calorie dense and i just rather avoid it. I am also wondering how i will have a 9am – 5pm day school day without healthy options available (perhaps bringing my own salads in tupperware?). Also what about coffee? … I am studying for USMLE step 1.

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