Clean Eating

You may be wondering just what Clean Eating is exactly….  It’s a new phrase that has just recently come about, and it seems that everyone is raving about it!  Truthfully clean eating is just about going back to the basics!  No processed packaged foods that have been infested with all sorts of chemicals and processed sugars!  These things are not good for our bodies and the only thing they do is cause spikes in our insulin levels which in turn make us crave more of that junk!  It’s a never ending cycle that capitalist America has developed.  Now, dont get me wrong I’m not here to talk politics, but anything and everything in restaurants and prepackaged foods is just plain bad for you and intended for the sole purpose of selling you more of the product!

Plainly said, clean eating is eating healthy unprocessed foods.  If you do nothing, but eliminate these things from your diet, you WILL see weight loss.  You WILL feel better about yourself, your mood and demeanor WILL also improve!  Now it may not be that easy…  It’s a lot of work and requires planning.  But if you’re motivated enough, the results will be there!  If I can do it, you can too!!!


2 thoughts on “Clean Eating

  1. This is great. I’m jsut getting back into it and loving it. As long as i get my meals i dont crave that stuff. But i stopped telling and talking to “non-beleivers” about it cause they frustrate me with the “oh you on a diet” no its a lifestyle.

    But, do you have any preferred reading materials? Im really interested and just would like to soak up as much knowledge as possible.

    Thanks in advance

    • Haha yea I know it!!! Most of my family and friends have now finally come to the realization that this is the way I am forever! lol I mostly do my research and reading from articles… You have to do a lot of reading to sort thru it all because it seems there’s a lot of contradicting info out there and stuff that works for some people and doesnt for others. Ive done tons of trial and error type stuff and have learned a lot from it, but the best thing to do is just read and then try it out and see what happens! Everything I post on IG or my blog are things that I have experience with and have done research on, so most of it should be helpful for everyone! =) Thanks for reading!!

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