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I am a University of Texas Graduate and have been a business owner since graduation.  I am also now a certified Personal Trainer with an NASM certificate!  I never really knew what my one “thing” was that i wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I have always been interested in Fitness and health but never really took the time to dedicate myself to learning and actually doing something about it.  
I remeber what really made me say that I wanted to change.  I was out at a bar with a friend, and realized I had downed a whole ramikan of ranch with fried pickles!  My friend who doesnt eat cheese or ranch for no other reason other than it’s fattening, said “that’s why I don’t eat that stuff.”  And that sparked this thing inside me that made me realize being fit is a lifestyle!  You don’t say, ‘Sorry, I’m on a diet.”  It should be “I don’t eat that. EVER!”
In September of 2011, I decided that I wanted to get fit and stop just clocking in gym time.   My problem in the past was that I was just like evryone else…  I worked out regularly but didn’t pay any attention to all the junk I was eating and therefore never saw real results.    I decided to do my research and took the plunge!  I put together a meal and workout plan and said, “no excuses. I’m doing this!”  I saw results so quickly once I started to eat clean, and it just motivated me to push harder.  
As I was doing my research and leaning down, I kept noticing these fitness and bikini competitions that people were competing in.  I did a little research and got hooked!  I was determined to do it and do it on my own with no coaching. I have enjoyed competing and will continue it for the time being…  Anyway, what i want to accomplish with this blog and with my lifestyle is to just motivate and inspire people!  I want everyone to know that it can be done and anybody can do it!!  I did it by myself and continue to push forward!   EAT. TRAIN. LIFT.  Its a lifestyle!

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi my name is Nichole.
    I’m new to the fitness. If really like to start training for a competition and was wondering how you did it on your own and which divisions you compete in? I want to compete on own as well with out a coach. And am just wondering how do I enter and find competitions to go to. How do know how to pose and stand. How to eat before competitions to get the best definition to show. I know that’s a tone of questions but I really want to start working hard and getting ready.

    • I looked online for ALL of my information… It was very time consuming and there were plenty of times I almost got a trainer, but it’s possible to do it on your own. Just depends if you have the time to do the research… As for posing I took a posing class that was being offered at one of my local gyms.

  2. Hi my name is Holly,
    I’ve always been pretty fit and I’ve always looked pretty good. I’ve recently had my first baby (6 months now) and I just started following you on Instagram and you have given me such inspiration. It’s been more difficult to loose the baby weight that I thought due to the fact that I can’t do a whole ton of super high impact cardio from a neuroma in my foot 😦 I was wondering what are some ways to get great low impact and intense cardio workouts? Thanks for being such a great inspiration

    • Congrats on the new baby!! The elliptical machine is a pretty low impact cardio. Stair master is also another option but that may be a bit more rough and the last low impact I can think of would be the stationary bike. You may have to try them all out and see how u perform in them… I got a strained groin injury once and could only do the stationary bike, so it really just depends on how the movements react with ur body… It’s different for everyone! You can also try a really high incline at a slow pace on a treadmill. That will also get u a good fat burn! Thanks so much for reading the blog!!! I hope I could spark some ideas for u!!!


  3. I plan on competing in 2013 and like you I want to do it on my own so I’ve been doing a lot of research and there’s just so much out there. Do you have any sites or books I should read up on? I’m not getting a coach or anything since I am a personal trainer so I’ve already got the work out part done and know plenty about nutrition already. But I don’t know anything about how to choose a competition, what judges specifically look for, posing etc. So any advice on what I should be looking for would be tons of help!

    • I got most of my information on prepping for a competition thru the bodybuilding.com website. they gave tons of articles on everything!! As far as picking one, I just googled competitions in my area and picked the ones that worked for my dates… I def did a lot of online reading before my first comp, but after that it was much easier! The first is really the hardest bc u have no clue what to expect, but just know its never as bad as you think lol

  4. I love youuuu!! You’re definitely my biggest inspiration!! I love how you take the time to answer everyone’s questions, and you’re so down to earth. Other fitness gurus are stuck up and ignore everyone. It’s also a plus that you’re Puerto Rican, because it gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to turn down all of the yummy Puerto Rican food hehehe. Keep up the good work, and I’ll always be a fan!!!!!!! XOXO

  5. I was just wandering how tall you are and how much you weigh. I am 5′ 1″ and currently ranging from 120-124 and started at about 114. I’m guessing it’s mainly muscle gain because I lift heavy but I would like to slim down, so hard when I don’t have much fat to lose, any pointers?

    • Its always good to have an idea but unless you’re competing there is no need to be exactly precise down to every calorie! I do meal and workout routines that include a macros breakdown if you’re ever interested! =)

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