3Wks Out!!!


Hello WORLD!!!

So its been a while since Ive posed on here, and there have been LOTS of reasons for that…  First, Ive been soooooo BUSY!!!  Like work and life just never end! LOL  2nd, This year as you guys ,ay have already noticed has been a super tough one as far as me getting back into “Stage Ready shape.”  I think Honestly my body was just pushed to crazy limits and I’m not really one to “take a break”  so it just caught up w me.

Earlier this year, if you watch my YouTube videos you would know, I tried to prep for a show.  FULL ON PREP!  Toughest prep Ive had to do to date.  And sure it may have seemed harder bc I wasn’t getting results but it left me kinda in limbo wondering if maybe I should just take time off or just stop competing altogether.  This is only my 2nd year in the IFBB and Im still learning everyday and haven’t even come close to accomplishing the things on my bucket list.  So I stopped making regular YouTubes and tried not to focus so much on the scale or setting a hard show date.  I have been “prepping” but only enough to see if my body could bounce back from this rut its in!

Anywayssssss  as some of you may have noticed, I decided to make changes.  I had done a lot of reading and I knew i needed a change in diet and training techniques.

So I left Bombshell and have joined a new team, D4 Muscle.  The reason I picked D4 is bc of Dan Eslinger… He is AMAZING!!!!  I email and he responds immediately.  I shared my experience from the past year w him, and He knew exactly what to do.  So I put my trust in him and when I got my first plan…. I was hesitant to say the least!!!  It was so different than anything I had ever done.  BUT I followed it!  My first week in, I saw an AMAZING CHANGE! My weight dropped and I was finally able to see my physique under all that “inflammation” I was hanging on to before!  He said lets get you on stage soon and now here we are!  Im 3wks into his plan and 3wks out from my first show in 2015.  Although theres def a lot of work still to do, I can see my body changing everyday and am MORE motivated than ever to get back on stage!!!  So August 18th IFBB Coastal USA in Georgia  HERE I COME!!!

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