Got Motivation???


Motivation is EVERYTHING!

I would have to say the MOST important factor to prep is MOTIVATION. You can follow your plan get all the workouts in, but if you are lacking that motivation, none of your efforts will be at the 110% level that they should be at… You wont be pushing thru every workout like if you were UBER motivated… Just think back at those off days. You were probably questioning why you were doing this day in and day out, or maybe you were just feeling “blah.” LOL We all have those days BUT the key to success In the fitness world is to BE MOTIVATED AND STAY MOTIVATED! Last year I competed quite a bit… I was basically on prep non stop from January until my last show in August. Keeping that intensity up for so long can be TOUGH to say the least! So I put together a few tips on what I do to keep me going and keep me PUSHING 110% EVERYDAY! Feel free to add your own little tips as well!!

  • Set a show plan at the begiing of the year! Write it down in a journal or even stick it on the wall in front of your treadmill!
  • Write down your goals at the beginning of the year. This way when you start questioning yourself, you can just go back and look at your thoughts!
  • Find a Show buddy!!!! This is sooooo important. Find someone who will do the same shows w you, room with you and help motivate you when ur down. This way you can keep each other in check!
  • Use social media as a tool to push forward. Seeing other Competitors get up on stage or totally KILL their workouts is EXTREMELY motivating.
  • Surround yourself with people (family and friends) that will SUPPORT you! Cut out the negative ppl. If they’re being unsupportive or negative its because they’re jealous that they don’t have the self discipline to do what you are doing.
  • Schedule time for your family and friends!!!! Competing can be very isolating and making time for family and friends is soooo important! I like to plan trips/small getaways w my husbdand after my shows! But even just one weekend off from prep after a show where you’re not just talking about how hungry or tired you are can really help keep you sane =)
  • TAKE YOUR CHEATS!!!! If you have cheat meals still on your plan, DON’T SKIP THEM!!!!! You will totally regret it!

2 thoughts on “Got Motivation???

  1. Hi Kamilah. I am prepping for the summer, not a show and have done great. You mention about cheat meals. These keep my sanity. How often do have cheat meals?

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