How to get past those Post Show Blues!



So as the competition season starts to draw a close, most of us are already on or nearing our “improvement season” Let me tell you that no matter how long you’ve been competing this time of year will ALWAYS plays tricks in ur head. Seeing ur body at a near perfect state while in prep and then all of suddenly losing that can really play tricks in ur mind!



How do You get over this??? YES I have these feelings… The fear of not being SUPER tight every morning or losing my abs… It’s mind over everything at this point. Don’t let yourself become engulfed in these feelings and let them take over you so much that you fall into some sort of food coma and give up altogether. KNOW that this time is NECESSARY!!! We need this time to GROW and IMPROVE!!! So embrace it. LOVE it and LIFT HEAVY A** weights!!! You’ll come back better and stronger the next year.


I know I wrote this and you guys are like oh whatever, its not that easy. YES IT IS! Know that these feelings are just feelings. Stay strong and get passed the negativity! Use the extra time you have from not doing double cardios and spending your day showering and sweating and focus all that energy into something positive! Whether its spending more time w your family or working on your career! This is what I like to do to keep me distracted and not sit around moping and feeling sorry for myself bc my shredded abs disappeared, I like to focus on social media and my blog! It helps me stay positive and MOTIVATED!


Anyway, #thestruggleisreal =) BUT YOU CAN GET PAST IT! #REALTALK!



1 thought on “How to get past those Post Show Blues!

  1. Hi there – I have a friend that recently used your coaching, personalized training & meal planning for a show. I’d like to speak with you about coaching me for the same thing….you can contact me through the login email……Thanks! Christine

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