My 2014 Season



First Pro year!!! What a year, let me tell you! I have learned so much about myself and about this sport and it’s really just the beginning… There’s so much more to experience! As I come into my “off season” which i see more as a time to improve and make my body BETTER for the next season, I realize how far I’ve come! This September marks 2 years from when I first competed in my very FIRST NPC show!!!! In less than a year I had my IFBB pro card and was competing up against some amazing people! The whole experience has been surreal, and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love this sport and I love this lifestyle!

I plan to do a lot this off season. I really want to grow my clientele here locally and also post more Motivational and HELPFUL tips!!! My focus is going to be to motivate others and help them achieve their goals! I love vein a trainer and when I see my clients succeed and start to change their lives, it makes me soooo happy!!!!

Anyway, Stay posted guys Because I plan to start sharing a lot more of my life and how i live it day to day so you can learn how to be Fit for life! muuuwahhh!!!! thx to all of you for following me on IG and FB!!! Y’all keep me going!!!! =)

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