How-To Egg White Oats!

Alrighty so here a quick how-to for my morning eggwhite oats! I seriously eat this everyday and LOVE it!!! Measurements are based on my macros so could be more or less for you…
1⃣ grab 1/3c oats, LOTS of cinnamon and about 1.5 ish c of water. Depends on how thick or watery u like it… I like mine a little more watery. U can also use almond milk here as well which is SUPER delish!!!
2⃣ bring that to a boil and let simmer until it starts to thicken.., about 2-3min.
3⃣ have ur eggs cracked and ready! I use 3egg whites n 1 whole egg.
4⃣once ur oats have simmered, slowly add in the eggs a lil at a time VERY IMPORTANT! Don’t stop stirring!!! Bc then you’ll end up w huge egg chunks😝😝
5⃣ cook ur eggs in the mixture for about 2-3min until it’s nice and thick.
6⃣ then from here u can add vanilla extracts or stevia if you like! Lastly, throw it into a Tupperware if it’s for the next morning and top w coconut oil, PB, coconut Butter, or whatever else ur heart desires!!! I always top mine w coconut oil and then let it harden on top in the fridge!

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