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So those of you that follow me on IG and FB know how much i just LOVE my salads!!!  And SUMMER time is the best time for them!  They are so relish, refreshing, and you can make all sorts of themes!!!  I thought I would post s few tips to help you guys come up with your own #sexysalds!


  • First, choose your greens!  I like to mix mine up…  So i’ll do arugula, baby kale, and romaine usually!  Other options Spinach, Spring mix, Butter lettuce, etc…  Mixing different kinds together adds MORE flavor!
  • Next, pick ur theme… Asian, Mexican, Plain jane, or just a big random salad!  I almost always go w Mexican!
  • Dressing….  NEVER use bottled dressing! Just wasting calories on unwanted fats and processed ingredients.   I like to use ACV or Balsamic vinegar.  You can also top ur salads w Salsa, Lemon/lime squeezes, cholula hot sauce, pico de gallo, mustard! Walden Farms also has a variety of dressings to choose from but be careful to only use them in moderation…  They do contain a lot of artificial ingredients… but everything in moderation, I always say!
  • ADD your veggies!!  Things like, zucchini, pepperocinis, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions are all low cal options that you can throw on and it will FILL YOUR BELLY UP!
  • For carbs, I like to go w beans and/or corn.  My fave beans would be Chick peas, black beans, and edamame… (not sure if thats a bean LOL)  You could also throw in some carrot shavings!
  • Now DONT FORGET UR PROTEIN!!!  This happens to me ALL the time!!!  I make a delicious salad and get all caught up and forget the protein!!!  Let me just say that everything tastes great w a salad!!!  Try some thinly sliced flank steak, shrimp, chicken breast, extra lean turkey, or extra lean ground beef!  You could even do tuna!
  • Every meal is NOT complete without your HEALTHY FATS!  Avocado slices totally make a salad!!!  Also for your dressing, add about a 1/2 tb of olive or avocado oil…  I like to use the Flavor infused oils!

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  • Finally, totally optional, but you could add some Shredded fat free cheese!!  about a 1/4c is a good option!

Anyway theres TONS of options and variations!!  Things i didn’t even list!  But hopefully this will help give you some ideas and new options to try!

Remember to #sexysalds on IG!!!

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