SPECIAL!!! $35 Meal and Workout Routines!



Ready to get that summer body underway???  Or just wanting to really make life altering changes??  Whatever your goals are or whatever your experience in the fitness world is, I am here to create a custom plan for YOU!!!

Yep! Thats Right $35 gets you a full macros breakdown, sample meal plan, approved grocery list and a lifting and cardio routine!  All tailored to YOU and what YOUR goals are!  Don’t be afraid of the challenge!  Everyone has to start somewhere and I will be the first to attest to that!!!  It was not easy getting here…  It was not easy making that change…  But I am SOOOOO glad i did!!!  And guess what, It is a daily challenge for me still!  But if it was that easy…  Everybody would do it! =)  Challenge yourself today!!!

These plans are usually $45, but I am running this special for this whole…

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2 thoughts on “SPECIAL!!! $35 Meal and Workout Routines!

  1. Hi Kamilah,

    I was wondering if you are still doing the $35 special? Please let me know, I am very interested!


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