SPECIAL!!! $35 Meal and Workout Routines!



Ready to get that summer body underway???  Or just wanting to really make life altering changes??  Whatever your goals are or whatever your experience in the fitness world is, I am here to create a custom plan for YOU!!!

Yep! Thats Right $35 gets you a full macros breakdown, sample meal plan, approved grocery list and a lifting and cardio routine!  All tailored to YOU and what YOUR goals are!  Don’t be afraid of the challenge!  Everyone has to start somewhere and I will be the first to attest to that!!!  It was not easy getting here…  It was not easy making that change…  But I am SOOOOO glad i did!!!  And guess what, It is a daily challenge for me still!  But if it was that easy…  Everybody would do it! =)  Challenge yourself today!!!

These plans are usually $45, but I am running this special for this whole week!!!

Quick and easy to sign up…  Just click on the link below to Paypal me…  I then send you an intro email w the info I need from you and within 24hrs, you have your plan ready to go!!!  I am also available via email for any questions you may have!  I also offer more intensive programs.  You can find more info on the tabs above!  And don’t forget, I do one on one private personal training sessions too!!!  Anyway, so excited to work with you guys!!!  I love doing this and I always hope that by reaching out to you guys I am really helping and motivating y’all!!!!  =)

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5 thoughts on “SPECIAL!!! $35 Meal and Workout Routines!

  1. Hi!

    You are my absolute idol! I am your height and am a pretty fit person(runner) but put on a bit over the past 2 yrs which I am trying to rectify before the end of April. I wanted to drop a good 15-20 lbs in about 8 weeks and have better eating habits that will carry me through. Is this possible on your plan? I am trying to escape a past of crash dieting to a healthier relationship with food.

    • Ash,

      AH!!! I totally marked this comment as “read” and just noticed I never even looked at it!!! So sorry! 15-20lbs is a bit extreme in 8wks… of course this is all relative to your exact weight and measurements… A good general rule of thumb is 1-2lbs per wk… Losing at this pace has several advantageous… 1. its safer and healthier 2. you are more likely to keep the weight off and 3. You will actually be losing FAT and NOT MUSCLE. I can absolutely help you out and set you up on a plan that will do just that!!!! Ofcourse as always its up to you how much you dedicate yourself to following it 100%!!! and don’t worry it gets easier with time! =) Let me know if you’re interested and again sorry for totally missing this message!

  2. I’ve been looking through you website but no quite sure of prices and what’s included in each. Could you email me with plans you offer and prices please.

    • Hey girl! I’m not doing the $35 special anymore… Right now I’m doing a $45 special which is found on my most recent post and that includes a cardio, and weight training routine, As well a macros breakdown n meal plan. This special comes w a starter kit of Cellucor samples! I have other longer term plans, a 3month plan that runs $120 and you get access to emailing me for 3 months and every 4wks we change your routine! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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