Where’s my Motivation?!

We all love those days, when you roll out of bed and you are so PUMPED to conquer the world and DESTROY your goals right?!  But the sad part is everyday is not like that…  For many reasons..  Sometimes, we are stressed out with other things or overworked and tired, leaving us feeling like we are on our wits end!  It’s normal and it happens to everyone…  The difference between success and failure lies at this point!  Its what you choose to do when you have these feelings…  Do you give up and procrastinate or do you push thru bc you know in the end, you want to accomplish what you set out????!!!!

I have gathered a few tips that have helped me on days like these.  Every time you’re feeling confused or wondering why you’re sweating your butt off everyday and giving up chocolate, skim thru this list!  I guarantee something will set that spark off again!


1.  Have your goals laid out in paper so you can SEE them!!!  Whether it be a show you’re training for, a weightless goal, or just fitting into those skinny jeans!  Whatever it is, make sure you know WHY you are doing this.  Every time you doubt yourself pull it out and look!  I like to write stuff on my mirror or save it to my phone’s screensaver so I physically SEE it everyday and it gets me going!

2. Have a buddy!!!  Finding the right person with like minded goals helps you lean on them when you’re feeling down and chances are they’ll be having a completely opposite day and will tell you exactly what you need to hear!

3.  Keep your workout routine FRESH! New routines not only keep you motivated and excited to get to the gym but it also keeps your body guessing and helps avoid plateaus!

4. Find that one thing that really kicks you into overdrive!!!  For me, I look at pics on bodybuilding.com or cutandjacked.com.  They post super motivating pictures that make you want to rip your shirt off Hulk Style!!! LOL


5.  Look at old pics of yourself to remind you how far you’ve come and WHY you are doing this!


6. MUSIC!!!  The right music will set you in the RIGHT MOOD!  Have a good playlist handy…

7. Make sure your gym is working FOR YOU and not against you!  This is soooo KEY!!!!  I have 3 memberships plus what I have at home.  There is one gym that I just DREAD going to every time and the only reason I do is bc its right by work but if that was my only membership I can def say I wouldn’t be seeing as many gains.  Atmosphere is KEY!  Not just w the gym itself but also the people that workout there.  Working out around like-minded people will help you stay on track!


8. Scroll thru your IG or Facebook feed and make sure you are following people that are total #gymrats !   That being said, the same goes the other way around!  I unfollow ppl who always post junk food or desserts! LOL  Peer pressure is everything these days!

9. Take Progress Pics weekly!  This will help keep you on track and when ur feeling like you’re at a plateau, chances are if you do comparison pics, you will see change that you didn’t even notice!

10. Finally, Always remember its not the end of the world and Tomorrow is ANOTHER day! Your lack of motivation will not last…  Just push thru the day and the next will ALWAYS be better as long as you set out to make it better! =)


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