FREE Cellucor Supplement Recommendations!



Happy Monday Peeps!!!!!  Its a great day to get those goals in motion and become a healthier, fitter YOU!

Soooo, FREE Supp Recommendations!  This is something that I’ve always done informally, but have never really made public to you guys!  But if you’re interested in figuring what sort of a stack you need to get together for whatever goals you have, feel free to email me!!!  I will not provide a macros or diet breakdown… I do sell these types of plans tho, so if you’re interested be sure and look under the training and meal plans tab! =)

What I will give you is a recommendation of what products to stack to help you meet your goals!  Then you can go online to and get 20% off with my code KPOW!  Be sure to register your email as well to get FREE shipping!

Right now I am seriously CRUSHING on the new Alpha Aminos!!!!!  SOOOO delish and they’re loaded with raw coconut water to help w hydration!!!  I pretty much sip on them allllll day!!! hehe =)  and yes its safe to drink them on your off days and throughout the day!


Another REALLY AWESOME new item they have going is the COR-Fetti Cake batter Whey!!!  Absolutely delish!  and the best part….. SPRINKLES!!!!  Be sure and order this when u see it available bc it pretty much sells out allllll the time!

Anyway if you’re interested in a supplement stack set up, email me!

2 thoughts on “FREE Cellucor Supplement Recommendations!

  1. This is perfect! Last night I was going thru the list of your favorite products and I was researching them. I currently take BCAA and Labrador lean for her after my workouts. I workout 5 to 6 days a week and I need help with supplements.

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