How to Quit that Bad Snacking Habit!



Happy Thursday peeps!!!

SO today I thought I would post about a bad habit that we ALL struggle with…  Yes I do too!!  In fact, this is one of the hardest things for me to control…  I can get to the gym, I never skip cardio, and I eat my food on track, but that Mindless Snacking is my weakness….  A lot of the time its due to boredom or frankly just habit!!!  The hand to mouth habit!  It’s like smoking!!!  Just something to do…  So heres a few tips on how to beat it and overcome the habit.  Trust me, its hard at first but once you break the habit, you’ll never miss it…  Stick to your guns for TWO weeks!!! Thats all it takes…  and after those two weeks, your body will learn to recognize when you go to take a bite of your husbands food and you’ll automatically say NO I don’t need that! =)


Step 1: “Out of Sight, Out of mind” Make your usual “mindless snacks” unaccessible.  DONT buy them!  DONT keep them at work or in your pantry…  Their mere presence alone will make breaking this habit impossible.  If it’s a snack that you really can’t live without, schedule a day, time, and place every week to indulge in it.  Buy one serving and be done with it!

Step 2: Find a new habit to replace your snacking habit!  Every time you get that urge to snack, Do “THIS” to replace it.  For me, I like to drink 10oz of water!  You can also make a cup of tea or black coffee, chew a piece of gum, go for a walk, etc…

Step 3: Eat eery 2-3hrs…  Small meals between 200-300 cal.  This will keep your metabolism going and keep you from getting WAY too hungry and over indulging later in the day!


Step4:  Set an alarm for each one of your meals.  This way if it’s not your time, its not your time and thats it!

Step 5: Have weekly goals and reward yourself with small things every time you accomplish one!  Every week, I set a small goal for myself.  For example, this week I am cutting out ALL sweeteners!  ZERO. Plain food!  But I’m prepping for a show so you may not want to go this extreme=)  Anyway, at the end of the week, if I haven’t cheated once, I’ll treat myself to some new workout gear!  YAY!

Step 6:  If possible find a workout or diet partner!!!  This is a big one, especially if you’re married!  Let me tell you that since I got my husband on the healthy eating band wagon its been 100x easier to not cheat!  Theres never any bad food lying around and I don’t have to stare at him eating cookies and ice cream every night! LOL  That being said, your hubby or boyfriend will prob not join you in the beginning… mine didn’t for the whole first year!!!  BUT  hold on to your guns and eventually your healthy habits will rub off and it will make HIM FEEL GUILTY and think twice about indulging in unhealthy treats!  YOU can be the influence here!!!  Just think how motivating that will be!!!

Step 7:  Prepackage all your meals and snacks in the right quantities so you just grab and go!  Having a plan will help you stick to it!

Step 8:  DONT keep change handy for the vending machine!!!!  You will never be able to resist!


Step 9:  Keep a Journal!!!!  Do you really want to have to right down everything you put in your mouth.  Keeping a journal will help you make a conscious effort to really have to SEE and pay attention to everything you are putting in your mouth!!  Use it to write down your feelings too…  Were you bored, starving, etc..  This way you can track your snacking habits and find out WHY they happen!

Step 10:  Lastly, if you screw up, don’t get down on your self!!!!  This will set you back!!! and PLease please, don’t be like “Oh I ate that cookie, so the day is ruined Ill just eat every bad food I can get my hands on and start again tomorrow!”  This will just cause an endless spiral!!!  If you mess up, just think about what you did and WHY and FIX it! Thats it.  Move forward and don’t think about it again!


Anyway, in the end its about how much you want and breaking that habit!  Two weeks!!!  Thats all you need to form a new habit!

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