$10 Workout Routines!


So there are two things that pretty much hold people back from getting trainers or purchasing plans, etc…  First, everyone’s excuse…. TIME!!!  Well lets just put it this way…  Make the time!!! Tough love, I know but if I can do it, anyone can.  I work 12 hr work days and still manage to train and food prep.  Its just a fact of wanting to do it and having that DRIVE!

Second, MONEY!  Yes trainers are so expensive… It’s obscene!  Thats why I like what I do online…  I feel like I am helping people without raping them of their money!!!!  I myself would feel so guilty charging someone $100 for ONE HOUR of my time!!!  Maybe in the future, I might just be that cool…  but really….?  Anyway, So I’m doing my best trying to provide affordable plans that provide all the works just as if you were meeting w a trainer face to face.  Soooo I came up with a 5 day Split workout routines for $10!!!  Yes, $10 and you get a 5 day split with a pretty intense routine!  The routine hits all your major body parts and they run about 45-60min from start to finish.

This plan is simply the workout routine so no meal plans, macros, etc included.  I also offer monthly meal plans that include both which you can check out too =)

So here’s how it works, You can buy one week and repeat it as much as you like or every week you can buy a new routine!  They are all a continuation of each other and do not repeat themselves.  They also come w a coordinating cardio routine!!!  Amazing! Right?!

When you purchase a new routine, be sure to put in your paypal comments which week you are on so that I can send the appropriate continuation.

Anyway hope you guys enjoy them!!! =)

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