Holiday Travel Tips for Staying Lean!



So its the holiday season and there is nothing but chocolate and cake and desserts and egg nog….  The list goes ON!!!!  Here’s the deal, you can enjoy cheats in moderation but if you decide to completely veer off your clean eating habits for the entire holiday, it will end up biting you in the butt!!!  Ive compiled a list of some super basic tips that will help keep you on track so you’re not coming into the new year, looking like you never worked out a day in your life!  Haha  Remember everything in moderation…  Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, and you can’t just hit the pause button and expect to not have repercussions. 

The holidays are all about family and friends and enjoying their company, so focus on that!  And get a little shopping done too!!!  You’ll be burning and calories and will be totally distracted from all the sugar and fat infested foods that your family just keeps leaving lying around! =)



  • Plan, Plan, Plan!  Plan as much as you can, write it all down if you have to.  This helps me especially when I start to feel really stressed.
  • If you’re partaking in family gatherings, meals, etc…  Make sure to plan your cheats.  This way you don’t tend to overindulge unplanned or accidentally have two cheats back to back.
  • Choose wisely and in small portions.  Stay away from creamed anything!
  • Bring as many healthy snacks as you can.  I also like to bring single serve instant coffee packets with me…  This way when Im feeling weak and I might give in, instead of shoving a cookie down my throat, I can sip on some coffee!
  • Most importantly, don’t make your lifestyle a big deal and make your loved ones have to “deal” with you complaining about it all day.  This is a choice you made for yourself and it is making YOU happier!!!  So forget what everybody else thinks….  Also, DON’T JUDGE!!!!!  You will make everyone feel miserable and uncomfortable.  Just do what you gotta do like its nothing out of the ordinary and you will blend in.
  • Drinking….  Enjoy yourself!!!  It’s the holidays!!!  However, choose wisely!!!  I like to stick to wine and Vodka Soda with lime.   Make sure you aren’t drinking your calories away!!  Eggnog is almost worse than dessert!  Would you rather have a glass of eggnog or a slice of pie???  Also keep in mind to drink plenty of water bc alcohol will dehydrate you fast!  Try to set a drink max going in…  This way you don’t end up getting plastered and blowing off ur entire meal plan by drunkenly eating your face off! =)  We’ve all been there! Hehe
  • Don’t skip your workouts!!!!  This is the most important time NOT to skip!!!  Use those extra carbs and food for fuel and BLOW YOUR WORKOUTS OUT OF THE WATER!  If you don’t have a gym accessible, go for a run outside!  Do some body weight exercises (pushups, pullups, squats, lunges, etc) Get it in early if you have to…  Remember, you CHOSE this!!!



Snacks/Foods that are easy to travel with:

  • Oats
  • Protein powder
  • Apples/Pears
  • Chicken
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Almonds
  • Rice cakes

***  Preportion any snacks and write down what you plan to eat each day, including your cheats!*** 


I like to baggie all of my snacks and label the days and times I will be eating them.

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