Food Prep Tips!



Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  Today I would like to share just a few of my food prep tips.  Everyone does theirs differently, but for beginners sometimes its just so hard to figure out what needs to be done and in what order…  The first time you prep your food you may find that it takes hours, and you end up with a HUGE mess in your kitchen, and either not enough or WAY TOO MUCH food!!! haha  This totally happened to me when I first started.  An experience like this might lead someone to just quit altogether. But let me tell you that it does get easier and no matter how long those first few times take you, once you get in your groove, you’ll be done in an hour or two! =)  So heres a list of a few tips that I have learned and wish I would have known in the beginning.

  • Have your meal plan written out and in front of you.
  • Add up all the protein and carbs, veggies, etc for a total in ounces or cups of how much you will need for the entire week
  • When you buy your proteins always buy an additional 5 ounces or so bc it does always cook down.  
  • As far as sweet potatoes go, most girls get anywhere between 2-3oz per serving…. this is not a lot!  3 moderately sized sweet potatoes will be more than enough.  The first time I made them, wow did i underestimate how much 2 oz was! Lmao!!!


  • For rice the quickest way to make it is either in a rice cooker, or get the boil in a bag ones.  SOOOOO much easier.
  • Make sure to have all your tupperware and varying sizes of Ziploc baggies.
  • A lot of ppl like to baggie each individual meal and then throw a whole days worth into one large ziploc so you can grab and go.  This is much easier for storing, etc  I however have this weird thing about eating my food from a ziploc so i use tupperware for most of my meals.  
  • For things like protein powder and oats, I always baggie them into their portion and with my oats I will even add the cinnamon and stevia into the ziploc.  Again, easy to grab and go!
  • The fastest way to mass cook is in the oven.  Cook all your proteins all at once.  You may need several big baking pans.  I even bake my sweet potatoes!!!  So easy, just throw them on the baking pan and bake for about an hour on 400 ish…  Once they are soft and oozing they are ready!
  • Always start by preheating the oven and throwing everything that you’re baking in first.  Then while that cooks you can prep your sides.
  • Get a good scale!!!  Something easy to read and use.
  • Line up all your tupperware and work with one meal at a time.  For example, line up 7 tupperware/baggies for meal 1 and put in all ur proteins, carbs, and veggies and then continue on to the next meal.
  • Certain meals you may want to prep the night before.  For example, I like my meal 1 (oats and eggwhites) fresh.
  • If you are grilling or cooking veggies like asparagus for example, only cook them 3 days out bc they will get gross and soggy.
  • Cruciferous veggies, you don’t even have to cook!  You can throw them in and when you heat up your food they will cook themselves!
  • I keep 5 days worth of meals in the fridge and freeze the last two for the week.  I will pull those out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge the day before I need them.
  • Something I have found really handy is to have an open trash can ready to go so I can just dump as I go.  Also, make sure you are cleaning as you go…  If you have someone to help you with your prep, you can tag team by having one person in charge of prepping and putting together the food and the other cleaning up right behind you.  But we don’t all have that luxury =)


Ok so thats the gist of it all….  Like everything it takes practice!  Just make sure that before you do anything you have your attack plan ready and plan in what order you will cook everything that way you don’t end up sitting in the kitchen, clueless of what comes next! =)  Good luck!!!!

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