Cardio=Acne…. Ewww!!!

Ok so Its been a while since Ive posted on my blog… I know!  But this year has been insane for me!  I competed… a lot!  But I got my IFBB Pro Card!  Yay!  So overall, all that hard work and sweat absolutely paid off and I am so ready to rock the 2014 season!


Anyhow, One of the biggest battles I had this year was dealing with the stupid breakouts that result from all that sweat just pouring down my face haha  I tried everything!!!!  And now Im an expert hehe  So i thought I would share with you guys a list of the things that have worked the best for me!  So here you go!

  • First thing first, washing your face is essential!!!  And having the right face wash is key, but also very different for everyone.  So make sure to get one that works with YOUR skin.  I like to use something with tea tree oil and surprisingly I found a good one at Trader Joes and its super inexpensive!  like $5…
  • Next, I live, breath, and die by my Clarisonic!!!  Get one! Its worth it…  Just do it.  Its a bit pricey but worth the investment.  Its seriously like visiting the spa every time you use it.  I have the Aria but any of them will work great.
  • Along with face washing, make sure you wash your face immediately after finishing your workout!!!!  Its also best to remove your make up before your workout, but lets face it…  Sometimes we dont want ppl to see our REAL self! haha So thats something that well, I dont regularly practice.
  • Find a good mask to help pull out all that embedded dirt once a week.  I again prefer one with tea tree oil bc it helps reduce swelling and redness.  I found a great one at The Body Shop!
  • Get a chemical peel every few months…  Its gross. It sucks for about a week.  But your skin brand new after!!
  • Lastly, my most recent discovery and the BEST solution Ive found yet… an Aspirin MASK!!!!! Yes. cheap, easy, and effective!!!  Go to the store.  Buy some aspirin and do it today!  Grab about 4-5 aspirins and just add drops of water to it until it softens up and just stick it on your face.  I let mine sit for about 15min and then rinse off with warm water.  I do it twice a week.

So thats about it!  Now go and give yourself a SPA DAY! =)

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