Changes, Changes, Changes!

Hey Guys!!  I know… Long time no post… haha  My life has seriously been nonstop!!  Work is insanely busy which is great and I also have a lot of training going on.  Ive even started doing my cardio at 4am just so that I can squeeze it all in!

I love it tho and I’m having a blast for sure…  But I do miss having a moment to breathe and relax which never happens anymore.  So with that said, I have been mulling over the idea of joining a team and just having that support to where I don’t have to do my own meal planning and workout planning…  Saves time!  Plus,  I just need some changes!!  I have been doing all my meal planning and training on my own for over a year, and I feel like I have come a long way and accomplished a lot!  But My goal is a pro card!  And I know that being on a team with a support group would be the best choice…



With that said!  I want everyone to know that I am now a part of Team Bombshell!!  Yay!!  I am so excited!  Today starts my first official day!  I got my packet last week and started with their cardio program which is so much fun!  love it!  This week, i start the Training and meals.  I am so excited to see how my body will change with this new program!  A lot of the changes are things that I knew I needed to incorporate into my routine but I was just too caught up and busy and got stuck in a rut!  So fresh start! New week!  New month!  Perfect time for change!

Now, because I am also soooo busy, I truthfully was not eating my meals the way I should have been bc cooking it all was something that I just couldn’t make time for, so I found this super amazing chick that I met at the Arnold who does cooking for competition prep!  How awesome!!!  So I am now ordering all my meals from Diesel Body!  Check out their website bc they do ship too!  and their food is freaking awesome!!  Anyway with all that said, I am hoping to be able to have more time to do Fit Tips and post more regularly on the blog!  I hope! hehe

I hope everyone has a great day!  And Remember, we all have our ups and downs…  What matters is what we do get out of those ruts and keep pushing forward!  Always improving!!

2 thoughts on “Changes, Changes, Changes!

  1. Hey! I know this is totally out of the blue. But I have been reading a lot of fitness “bikini prep” blogs lately and it seems like most only eat around 30 grams of sugar a day… is this the norm? How much sugar do you eat??

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