Ab HIIT Circuit

andrea-brazier photo

I took this pic after finishing the workout…  Abs were on fire!! and so were my legs from all the jump roping!  Put myself side by side with the lovely Andrea…  Geting close. but she is just amazing!

I love HIIT workouts and I love trying new ones!  So when I saw this in Fitness RX magazine I had to give it a whirl… Soooo much fun!

And let me tell you this is Puertoricanftchick approved!!!  My abs are still sore and I did this like three days ago!

Let me know what ya’ll think!

Circuit 1:

Decline bench crunches  20 reps

Incline Leg raises  15 reps

2min jump rope

Rest  1 min

Repeat 3x

Circuit 2:

Bench V-ups  15reps

Crunches on bench  20 reps

2min jump rope

REst 1 min.

Repeat 3 times…  Now it’s getting tough right??!!

Circuit 3:

Knee ups  15 reps

jump rope 1 min

Knee-ups w a twist 10 reps

jump rope 1 min.

Repeat 3x  BURN BABY BURN!



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