I decided to write a quick summary for you guys to read about beta-alanine because I have gotten a few comments about people saying how it’s unsafe and not healthy, will make your heart race, etc..  That is simply not true.  Yes, the first few times that you take a supplement that contains beta-alanine, you will encounter a tingling sensation, usually in your hands, and when most people feel this they get alarmed by it, but in all reality it is a normal and healthy sensation!

Benefits of Beta-alanine

–       delay muscle fatigue

–       increase endurance

–       increase muscle mass

–       increase anaerobic and aerobic performance

–       increase overall muscle strength and output

Beta-alanine is a natural occuring beta-amino acid that can be found in many supplements.  What Beta- alanine does for you is far from harmful! It helps improve your strength, energy, and overall performance at the gym!  When we workout our muscles produce hydrogen ions that reduce and breakdown our ATP levels and interfere with muscle energy and contractions.  This entire effect leads to overall muscle weakness and fatigue.  What beta-alanine does for you is, that it increases our intramuscular carnosine levels by boosting the synthesis of carnosine so that we can fight away fatigue and have more strength and energy.

Who can benefit from beta-alanine:




-both men and women

-anybody competing or taking part in any sport

So you may or may not like the tingle effect when you first take a product containing beta-alanine, but it’s a small price to pay for the benefits that you get out of it.  And if you really don’t want to experience the tingle grab a carbohydrate to eat with it to block the reaction.

So now that you know what Beta-alanine is, you can now understand why these are some of my fave Cellucor products!  I’m not kidding when I say they make me rage haha

–       C4

–       COR BCAA’s

–       NO Extreme

As always you can use my promo code KPOW for 20% off and FREE shipping on your cellucor orders!

Thanks for reading!!!

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