So I get a lot of questions about BCAA’s and I thought I would just summarize exactly what it is they do for you!  BCAA’s are my favorite supplement!  I can’t go a day without them!!

No BCAA’s will not make you big and bulky, and they are not just for bodybuilders.  Anyone exercising regularly at the gym can benefit from BCAA supplementation.  You should even take them on your off days!

BCAA’s- Branch Chain Amino Acids are essential for muscle building, strength, and endurance!  Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle protein.  When doing any form of exercise your body quickly uses up its storage of amino acids and you quickly become fatigued and lose strength and endurance.

BCAA’s help stimulate protein synthesis as well as increasing the synthesis of cellular machinery which in return provide your body with more energy and faster recovery time.  Branch Chain Amino Acids are specifically important because they do not require digestion.  They become readily available for muscle use and protein synthesis.  This quick recovery reduces the risk of you losing your lean muscle mass while dieting, helps increase endurance, and recovery time.

You will notice when taking your BCAA’s regularly that you will be able to lift more weight and do more reps!


I like to take my BCAA’s in a powder form because I can feel the results more especially if you take Cellucor’s COR BCAA’s.  They are loaded with beta alanine, citrulline, and HICA which not all BCAA supplements include.  These extra aminos provide you with an extra push at the gym!  The watermelon flavor also tastes amazing!!


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