Weight Training as an Aerobic exercise



These days we are all caught short on time… It happens, and sometimes you need to cut corners somewhere. Most people will simply skip their workout session or cut it in half… Don’t skip the gym altogether! Combine your weight training with cardio. So many people have this false conception that running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical are the only forms cardio or aerobics. Cardio/aerobics is anything that elevates your heart rate and holds it at a steady pace for 20 min or more. So really anything can be cardio, if you do it a fast enough pace.

It is important for many reasons to incorporate aerobic sessions into your routines for many reasons!
Aerobics reduces risks of all types of cardiovascular diseases. It also helps speed up your metabolism and caloric expenditure throughout the rest of your day, meaning you burn more calories throughout your normal daily routine after completely an aerobic exercise!

So when trying to combine your cardio and weight training, create a routine where you can alternate body parts, and not take breaks in between sets. For example, work out your biceps and shoulders at the same time. Do one shoulder exercise and immediately after that start the bicep exercise. Keep in mind, that you are not speeding through the actual exercise, you are merely not resting between sets. If you try to speed through the exercise, you will find that you are not doing enough weight and your form is most likely suffering. I like to start my routines with a quick 5 min. run on the treadmill to get me pumped, then I jump into it!

Get your Beastmode on and don’t skip your workouts!


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