Benefits of Almond Milk



Almond milk has so many benefits that it’s just hard to find a reason to drink any dairy again!

The dairy that we buy in our grocery stores these days are loaded with chemicals and other preservatives to get it to keep longer.  Did you know that in the old days, the milk man came to your door everyday because milk was only good for that long!  Now you see expiration dates as far as 2 wks out or more.  The only way they can achieve this is by loading it with chemicals and preservatives.  You don’t have to be lactose intolerant to benefit from switching over to almond milk.

First unsweetened almond milk is only 30 calories for an 8 oz serving!  Thats a fraction of what the dairy milk has to offer.  Switching over to almond milk can save hundreds of calories per day!

Next, Almond milk contains 30% of our recommended daily calcium intake and 25% of vitamin D.

Also, with the unsweetened almond milk, there’s only 1 gram of carbs and less than 3 grams of fat! Great for low carb diets.

Vitamin A is another important factor in almond milk, which helps keeps our eyes performing correctly.

Almond milk may only contain 1 gram of protein, but it does contain B vitamins in the form of Riboflavin and also contains a good amount of Iron which in return helps our muscles absorb protein for energy, growth, and recovery.

Another benefit, is skin care.  Almond milk contains 50% of our recommended vitamin E intake which helps keep our skiing bright and healthy.

I havent had dairy milk in months! and let me tell you I don’t miss it at all!

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