Fit Tip of the day! How to achieve your goals



So it’s New year’s eve! The end of 2012 has come about, and we are entering into a new year with new goals, new hopes, new dreams, and who knows what else. A lot of people set these fantastic goals, and for the first month or two, they attempt to achieve or reach their goals and come to realize that it’s just too hard… It’s not! We need to work on a plan to attain our goals! The best and most productive way is to set smaller short term goals.

So say your goal is to lose 20lbs and become a fitter better you. That’s your ultimate long term goal. You would want to set a plan and develop smaller goals, so that you feel success coming on regularly instead of being dragged down by the idea that you still havent lost those 20lbs! For example, Say Week 1’s goal is to stop eating desserts. Week 2, no sodas. and so forth… Each week after you’ve achieved and attained your goal, you will feel more accomplished and more motivated to move forward!  Set rewards as well!  No, not food or desserts!  instead, say you achieve all your goals for one month, at the end of that month plan on buying yourself a new workout outfit or new gear to further your goals.  That is exactly how I got started!  Every time, I accomplished a mini goal, I went out and got some new workout gear!  It’s fun and it keeps you motivated and focused!

Lastly, Make sure to right down your ultimate goal and focus on it. Then right down your smaller weekly goals, so you can physically see the improvements and know what you’ve accomplished and what’s next.

Starting tomorrow, I’m starting a whole new set of goals! I am starting my prep for the Phil Heath show that I will be competing in, in March. My first week’s goal is to stop the extra snacking that I do on the sides… I take a bite of this, a lick of that, and boom by the end of the day I have an extra 200-300 calories in randomness! So that’s my week 1 goal! Whats yours????

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