Changing your Body Permanently!



So many females are afraid to lift weights thinking they will become big and bulky and look manly.  When in reality that is not the case at all!! It’s the complete opposite!  Lifting weights can help create curves!  Squatting heavy WILL give you a rounder booty!  You will get better posture, look leaner, and it will help you keep weight off permanently.

Resistance training is the only way to permanently change your body!  You can bust your butt doing cardio for hours, and yes you will most likely lose weight, but you are also losing muscle mass, and the minute you over indulge in a cheat, you will just gain that weight right back.  If you’re only doing cardio, your body will eventually start to lose muscle mass, which in turn makes your body burn less calories throughout the day.

With resistance training, you are building muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat!  So what you are really doing is speeding up your metabolism.  This is why we plateau on meal plans, and usually end  up losing weight when we add in more calories.  Once you’ve built up that muscle, your body will need more calories to sustain itself!  When I say more calories, I mean clean food that fuels your body.  So this doesn’t mean lift weights and eat more cookies, but building up your muscle mass will result in you not gaining weight as easily as before!

Here’s the basics to lifting weights:

  • Lift at least 3 x per week.
  • Don’t be afraid to lift heavy! You will not get bulky!
  • If you want bigger muscle mass stick to heavy weights at 8-10 reps.  If you want a leaner, toned look use weights heavy enough to do 12-15 reps.
  • You know you’re doing the right amount of weight, when your last 3 reps are almost too hard to finish.  You want to feel the burn!
  • Avoid running on the treadmill for long periods of time because it could undo any muscle you’ve built up.
  • Always eat before lifting!  you will have more strength to finish your reps!
  • Lastly, form is the MOST important!  If you can’t hold your form, do less weight.

Anyway, this is just a basic summary of why we as women (and men), NEED to lift weights.  I hope this has helped inspire some of yall to get off of those ellipticals and up to the weight rack!


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