Skip the White, and Stick with the Brown!

Skip the White, and Stick with the Brown!

So i’ve been slacking a bit on my posts, and I’m so sorry about that!!! Yesterday I missed my Fit Tip of the Day on my IG… I’m so disappointed in myself! Ive been so distracted with work and the holidays, that it has just got me off my normal schedule!! Anyway hopefully this short, informative, and easy to understand description of whole grains will help make up for it… LOL =)

You’ve always been told to stay away from white bread, dough, bagels, pastries, whatever… A lot of us don’t really know why and don’t understand the reasoning behind it. What I’ve learned, throughout my clean eating process is that understanding why not to eat a food is as essential as not eating it! When you understand why it’s best to avoid white or enriched flours, you will never want to take another bite of that Mrs. Baird’s ever again!

So what is white or enriched flour?? Essentially it is a stripped down version of the grain that we use to make breads and doughs… The whole wheat berry is made up of 3 parts: the germ, the starch, and the bran. When making white flour, they simply rid the berry of the nutritious parts , the germ and the bran, leaving you with the completely useless starch. All the parts of the berry that you’re body would normally break down and use as fuel have been stripped out, leaving just the extra stuff that gets quickly stored away as fat because it has no valuable nutrients. So just think every time you take a bite of any white dough, your body is immediately setting that aside into your fat because it has no use for it! Crazy I know! Makes you never want to eat another piece of white bread! And let me tell you, white bread was my vice! I ate it all day, everyday! But now with this mental image I get every time I see it, I do not miss it or crave it at all!

Anyway, so get further into it, the starch is so bad because it is quickly digested and causes immediate spikes in insulin levels which leads to a rise in blood sugar levels. All of this is a contributing factor to diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, and weight gain.

Now, the key to finding the right product is also tricky, Manufacturers these days have just become liars! They trick us into buying products that sound healthy, but they’re not! So look for the words “whole” grain, not 5 grain or whole wheat… All of these are just versions of the white flour and are not made with the whole wheat berry. The key to finding the right one is to look at the nutrition label. The first ingredient should always be “whole wheat flour.” Ingredients are listed in order of amounts contained in the product from highest to lowest.

Hopefully this has helped some of you out there better understand just why we should NEVER eat these white flours and stick to the Whole Grains!

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