Eggwhite Oat Breakfast Loaf



So this is a recipe that happened accidentally.  If you use protein powder, it turns out more like a loaf, bread type of consistency.  If you leave out the protein powder turns out more like a custard , pudding type of consistency.  So your choice!  The recipe as listed is 2 servings, but you can just as easily half it and make one serving!  I make mine the night before, then refrigerate them overnight and then reheat them or eat cold depending on my mood that day.  I also like to top mine off with Walden Farms syrup or PB2.


1.5C Eggwhites

1 scoop protein powder

1/2C oats

2TBSP chia seeds or Flax seeds

1tsp baking powder

4tbsp pure pumpkin

pumpkin pie spice (optional)

3/4c water

cinnamon, vanilla, and stevia to taste


Blend well in a blender and stick in the oven in a loaf pan for about 30-35min. on 365 degrees.


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