Heart Rate… Fat burn? or Cardio Zone?



(Just a little AB motivation!!)

Fat Burn vs Cardio Zone

This is one of the most misunderstood concepts, so I thought I would try to explain it as simply as possible…

 It is important that we understand the way both of these work in order to achieve the results that we want..

So if you have a Heart rate monitor or go by what the treadmill tells you, you’ve often seen the fat cal% that you’ve burned.  When you heart rate is at a lower level like when you are lifting weights or walking uphill on a treadmill, your body is burning a higher percentage of fat calories.  The misconception here is that well, I’ll just do 30min of this low heart rate work and burn more fat…  WRONG!

 If you do 30 min at a lower level heart rate, you burn a lot less calories than if you were running or doing HIIT at a higher heart rate.  So say, you burn 100 calories in your fat zone and 50% of those are fat calories, but you burn 400 calories in your Cardio zone and 20% is from fat calories, then you have actually burned more fat in your cardio zone.

So here is how you use these modes…  When in your fat burning zone, you are going at a lower pace burning more fat, but in order to be more efficient, you must work out for a longer period.  The best option with a cardio zone is to do High Intensity Intervals.  This way you are burning fat while also keeping your heart rate high and burning more calories…

 HIIT is the fastest and most efficient form of cardio and can be done with almost anything!  Here is a sample HIIT workout.  Every time I do cardio, I am doing HIIT!  I hope this helps some of you understand your zones a bit better!Screen-Shot-2012-03-27-at-9.58.45-PM

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