The Truth about Protein


The myth about Protein making you fat or making you look manly is completely untrue! I get asked this question almost every single day, so I thought I would dedicate a post to it.  In all reality consuming a protein shake everyday along with a balanced and healthy diet will actually help lean you up!

It’s the people who consume these shakes in addition to their regular unhealthy sugar and fat infested foods that experience gains.  If you’re adding calories to an already unhealthy diet, no matter what kind of calories they are, you will experience gains!  As for making you look manly, completely impossible!  those women out there you see with ginormous muscles are taking a lot more than protein.  Steroids made them look that way, not protein!

I consume on a regular basis 2-3 protein shakes per day.  However, I have worked them into my needed macros intake, and I workout on a regular basis.  A normal individual who may not workout as much as I do, could consume a protein shake per day as one of their snacks or even a meal if you add in some healthy extras to the shake.

When picking a protein, remember to consider, calories, carbs, fat, and sugar!  Some of these protein powders, especially the ones sold in grocery stores, can contain as much sugar as a candy bar.  The new Cellucor Whey protein that is currently on special for the new launch is a great option!  It is very low in fat, carbs, and sugars, and therefore a healthy addition to any diet. And don’t forget you can use my promo code KPOW on their website for an added discount!

So girls and guys too go out there, grab yourself a tub of protein and experiment.  From shakes, smoothies, to pancakes and muffins, You can do so much with protein powder!



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