I am definitely guilty of this… not recovering enough!  We all just get in the mode of things and being”go,go, go”  all the time, that we forget to stop and recover, both mentally and physically.  Working out as much as I do, really takes a toll on the body, and in order to recover and come back new and fresh, we need to take one day off, have an official rest day!  By recovering, you are allowing your body to restore itself and in return, you will prevent injury, speed up your recovery process after intense workouts, and come back even stronger than before.

Here are a few methods to help you recover faster even on non-rest days.

  • soak in epsom salt.  This stuff really works!  The next day I feel so much more rested and way less sore.  I like to get the ones with lavender or eucalyptus!  They smell great and help you relax.
  • Schedule monthly massages!  Masssage Envy offers a really inexpensive monthly membership.  I feel amazing after a massage, and I always schedule them after an intense workout session, so that it helps reduce soreness.
  • Stretch after a workout!  This is overlooked by so many people, but the truth is, that if you stretch and foam roll, you will reduce soreness the next day.  Plus, it feels really good too!
  • The contrast method:  Ive tried this a few times and it does work, but I really hate cold water so it’s not my favorite option…  The goal here is to shock the body with extreme temperatures.  You always start with hot and end with cold.  So in the shower, stand in hot water as hot as you can handle for 3 minutes.  Then alternate to one minute of ice cold water.  Do this 3 times.  Good luck with this one! =)
  • Lastly, Cardio!  Low intensity cardio that is.  The reasoning behind this is that the increase in circulation will accelerate oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles helping them restore faster.  This is why it is always suggested to do your cardio after weightlifting.  So in my workout schedule, I schedule one full cardio day.  No weights. And one 100% rest day with zero exercise.

Cellucor also offers a great Recovery supplement called R3 which helps with inflammation, joint support, immune support, and is a super antioxidant!  You can order yours on and use my promo code KPOW for 20% off!  Also, remember to take in your BCAA’s, and consume a good whey protein after workouts.  too help keep your muscles fueled and ready for more!

4 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Hi Kamilah I follow you on IG and you really are an Inspiration. You give great tips and recipes to be able to get fit thank you! I have a question I was looking for a supplement to lose weight and body fat but am stuck between 2 which one would you recommend for a female who weighs 135 and works out every day but cant lose that fat or doesnt lose weight very qucik the Super HD or the weight Loss Kit that brings 3 different supplements ( IGot all of this from Celluor) Thank you for your help 🙂

    • Andy,

      Thanks so much!! I’m so glad I can help motivate and inspire people!! Thanks so much for following!!

      Anyhow, the weight loss kit is really a great way to kick start weight and fat loss! D4 is a great product! I have taken it myself and the thermogenic works really well! Have you ever taken a stimulating fat burner? The HD is also really great and I also pair that with ws1 and the clk… I’ve gotten great results from that as well! I would say the thermogenic is stronger in the d4… Which means it will help speed up ur metabolism and heart rate and make u burn more calories throughout the day! You really can’t go wrong with either, but it would help to pair the HD with another non stimulating fat burner. Hopefully I’ve helped a bit with ur decision making!! Let me know if u have any other questions!


      • Thank you so much for replying :)….. Yes I have taken weight supplements before but haven’t really worked haven’t seen the much difference in my weight…. I really want something that i know will work and i will be able to see a differencf in my weight…. Am going to try the kit cuz it seems that by taking the together ill get a faster better result… Thank you once again for your help your really sweet not a lot of people give good adivce like this and help out other people :)!!

      • I think you’ll get great results! Just make sure to keep ur diet clean and avoid sugars and processed foods! Let me know how it goes!!! Love to know what ppl think of the products! And don’t forget to use the promo code KPOW for your 20% discount!

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