The Dreaded Bloat!



Yes, we all experience it one time or another, but for some of us it’s a constant almost every day battle…  It definetely was for me.  I’ve made a lot of changes in my diet that have pretty much cured me of all bloating!  Here’s a few tips on how to keep it in check and ways to help reduce it.

  • First, whether you’re lactose intolerant or not, cutting dairy will aid with bloating.  these days all dairy products are just filled with too many chemicals and are overly processed in order to mainaitain higher shelf lifes, that many have just had to cut them out of their diets completely.  Try Almond milk!!  It’s delicious!
  • Of course, avoid all sodas and carbonated beverages.
  • Another culprit, Artificial sweeteners and products that contain them like Walden Farms will cause bloating and make you crave more sweets =0
  • Chewing gum can cause some bloating because you end up swallowing more air.
  • Salt and Sodium should be avoided at all times!  This will def cause extreme bloating!  Sometimes it’s in unsuspecting foods too… Like frozen foods, chips, and on the rim of your margarita or beer!
  • Alcohol!  The morning after you make think you’ve totally dried up and lost 5 lbs, but once you put some liquids or food back in your belly you just end up getting huge and bloated!

So those are the biggest contributors to bloating…   Here’s a few ways to help relieve or prevent it!

  • WATER!  Drink at least a gallon of water a day.
  • Add lemon to your water.
  • Make a lemon cucumber water blend by slicing up a lemon or two and one cucmber.  Drop all the slices in a gallon of water and let steep in the fridge overnight.  Then drink the whole thing the next day! you can also add mint leaves and ginger!
  • Green Tea.  I drink 2-4 cups of tea everyday!
  • Detox Tea.  In the tea aisle, you’ll be able to find blends of detox teas that help with water retention.
  • Dandelion Root.  You can drink this as a tea or take them as pills
  • Cellucor’s L2 is great for releasng all that extra water weght!!  It is not something you can take everyday, but it works, and is perfect for just before a competition, photo shoot, or even vacation!  You can get it on their website and use promo code KPOW for 20% off and FREE shipping.

Hopefully this helps keep you on track.  You can’t always prevent it, but by eliminating the foods above and detoxing regularly, you should find that your bloating will get better and less frequent.  


EAT. TRAIN. LIFT.  It’s a lifestyle!

3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Bloat!

  1. Hi!

    I also have this problem, I usually find myself bloated after almost every meal! For the last two weeks I have been experimenting. First, I stopped eating dairy all together (especially at night, since I found I was bloated in the morning too). This helped a little, but I still found myself bloated after a few meals! I ALWAYS drink tons of water too, so I know that’s not my problem. I do not use sweetner’s of any sort, never drink anything carbonated, don’t add salt to my food and I barely ever have a drink! After some research, I heard it’s possible that cruciferous vegetables (Broccoli, cauliflower) and beans can really bloat your stomach because of the creation of gas! I never thought about that being a possible reason, but for the last two days I’ve been avoiding all beans and broccoli (which really upsets me because I LOVE both!) and I think i’m seeing less bloating but I want to stick to it for a few days to be sure. I do eat broccoli often, sometimes three times a day, and I usually eat beans a few times a day too, so i’m thinking this may be the reason! What is your take on this? Have you found that broccoli and/or beans makes you bloated? If so, what could I do to prevent this and still enjoy them?

    Thanks ahead of time!


    • That is prob your problem… I dont see significant bloating with those veggies but i do avoid them before competitions… I generally eat asparagus and okra. I only have broccoli once or twice a week and rarely eat beans. I would say if u take them out for a week and notice a difference then you def have ur bloating culprit! Try detox teas as well see if that helps… or u could take gasx right after eating those veggies and see if that helps too!

      • I’ve still been omitting the broccoli and i’ve definitely seen results! This morning I woke up and my stomach was the flattest it’s been in a while, no pudgy bloating at all! I was so happy haha I’m going to continue to do this for another few days, and the slowly re-introduce it into my diet (only ONCE a day, not three times) and see how it reacts. I never thought of taking gas-x afterwards, so if the worst case scenario happens I will do that! Thanks a lot for your input, I really appreciate it!!

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