Beginner’s Grocery List


Hello All!!!

I hope everyone had a good holiday season!!!  i’m sure most of us splurged on some sinfully delicious treats and food, but now it’s time to get back to business!  I thought I would start the week off by posting just a simple generic grocery list.  This is sort of a beginner’s guide to shopping for clean healthy food.  This past weekend, I had quite a few family membrs ask me for advice on what to buy and what to eat, and what I have realized is that a lot of people are overwhelmed by everything in grocery stores!  There’s so much contradicting information out there, that if you’re not an expert, you’ll simply just get frustrated…  Here’s a few tips to help you get thru your grocery shopping without all the headache.

Grocery Shopping Tips:

  • never go hungry…  you will end up with all the wrong stuff in your basket!
  • never buy anything labeled fat free.  this only means they’ve added tons more sugar and in the end is even worse for you.
  • Don’t listen to the “made with whole grain/whole wheat” labels on boxes and breads. Unless it is labeled 100%, the actual product will only contain a small percentage of whole grain/wheat product.
  • Skip artificial sweeteners and try to shop for sweetened with Stevia or unsweetened and then use your own.
  • If you’ve decided to “treat” yourself, don’t buy a whole package or box of cookies because after you’ve treated yourself to it, you will be left with a whole box to tempt you in the pantry.  Instead, buy a single serving option.
Generic Grocery List:
Veggies: Easier to buy frozen because they last longer, but fresh is fine as well.broccoli
Spinach– always better fresh
For salads:
arugula– fresh
baby kale/ spinach
Carbs:Brown Rice– uncle bens instant is the easiest!
Rice cakes— the 35 calorie kind that are usually just lightly salted
yams or sweet potatoes
Quick oats— not from the individual package
Ezekial bread in the frozen section (if you must have bread)
Polaner sugar free jellyBeans:


Chick peas

Black beans


Mrs. dash salt free — tons of different flavors
Red hot
Siracha sauce
Braggs Amino Acids– zero calorie soy sauce
Stevia for sweetener


olive oil
Peanut butter— never buy fat free watch for sodium and sugar- less than 3 grams is good



Chicken breast
Extra lean ground turkey breast
lean ground beef but only once or twice per week
egg whites– liquid or you can crack them yourself


Almond milk unsweetened 30 calorie
greek yogurt 0% fat free no flavors because it has too much sugar
unsweetened green tea
Fat Free cottage cheese
vitamin water Zero
Mio- helps get that gallon down but dont over do it.
Good tupperware

6 thoughts on “Beginner’s Grocery List

    • thats a tough one… everything puerto rican is always covered in salt and oil! i guess u could make cleaner versions of like rice and beans or something but things like plantains are high in sugars and carbs so not the best to be eating all the time no matter how u cook them. but im def not the expert on cooking PR food… I never cook puertorican lol i save that for my visit to my mom’s haha

    • Fruits are ok as long as you eat them in the morning or post workout. They are high in sugar so if you’re going to eat them do it when ur body will be able to use it up and not store it as fat. Stick to berries, apples, or pears.

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